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因近日新冠疫情传染非常严重,因此经过我们公司研究讨论决定暂时暂停送貨上門服務, 网购暂时只限于店面自取,或某些货品可以邮寄服务。对此非常抱歉对大家带来不便,并非常感激朋友们在这一年来对maichoy.com的亲睐与厚爱,等疫情稍微好转后我们的网购将继续全面服务,并会在群里通知,我们将完成现有下单的客户服务,新的单转为店面自取或邮寄。再次感谢大家一路走来对我们的扶持和信任。祝大家平安吉祥,好人一生平安🙏

为了减少大家接触,本公司谢绝进入店铺订购,如客户来取货,请留在车里,给单号工作人员,我们会直接把你的货送上车零接触,如有不便, 望见諒! 愿大家平安吉祥!

可以上我们网站订购。 本群营业时间8:00到9:00每周日休息。地址:2638 Lee Ave ,South El Monte Ca 91733。 本群友好环境靠大家一起维护。群内🈲️禁止广告或垃圾信息!群里一律不得发送与本群及商品无关信息!禁止讨论政治及敏感话题!违者会被拉黑请出群~~
谢谢大家的理解和支持! 📣


Dear friends from Mai Choy Grocery,

Due to the severe infection of the epidemic recently, our company decided to temporarily suspend the home delivery service after research and discussion. Online shopping is temporarily limited to store pickup, or some goods can be delivered by mail. I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, and I am very grateful to my friends for their love and love of this year. When the epidemic situation improves slightly, our online shopping will continue to be fully serviced, and we will notify our valued customers. The existing orders will be delivered, and new orders will be picked up or mailed by the store. Thank you again for your support and trust in us along the way. I wish you all peace and auspiciousness, please stay safe. 🙏

In order to reduce contact with everyone, our company will not allow customers to enter the store to order. If customers come to pick up the goods, please stay in the car and give the order number to the staff. We will place the goods in your car with zero contact. If there is any inconvenience, please forgive us! May everyone be safe and well!

Thank you for your understanding and support! 📣